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Ms. Millie and Friends

Ms. Millie, the sassy so called senior that some call a motivational force, cordially invites you to join her quest to stay youthful and feel better, inside & out.

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Feb '16

Thankful and Grateful

Two months ago I did the unthinkable and fell and fractured my hip,  Being Ms Independent all my life has me asking for help with every thing it seems.  My emphysema has been compromised as well and it doesn’t leave me happy.  But in spite of it all I am grateful to my sons for their love and caring along with my sister checking on me daily via phone or email.

Along with this goes my thanks to two residents living here in my complex bringing my meals in spite of their own disabilities.  Also my dear friend Maria who is keeping the gray out of my hair.  (It does help).  Life has knocked me for a loop but I am determined to get my self together again. Never take your life for granted just live each moment.

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Sep '15

Merry Go Around Ride

I am learning all about life from a different point of view since I have moved to my independent living apartment.  For years I have worked and basically had close friends that were for the most part 15-20 years younger than me.  Somehow with my younger attitude and outlook on life I could relate to their way of life and almost be a mentor to them.  I didn’t fit in with people my age (especially if they hadn’t worked in years or ever) as they hadn’t moved with the times and were not  into technology or any of the changes of communication that have surfaced over the years.  For example I worked on a computer back in 1972 working for the IRS  and loved it.  I bought my own in 1990 and learned other programs and even prepared my tax return.  When paying bills on- line became an option I grabbed it.  I like the freedom and the knowledge that goes with it.  I also enjoy writing and so I can do this repeatedly and just save my work for that book I am never going to publish but it is fun to look back and read some of my writings.  Which brings me to the present time with the folks I am dealing with daily.  Currently, I am the second youngest with the rest being in their mid 80’s 90’s and a few 100 plus wonderful men and women.   When I volunteered to write profiles and learn about the residents’ backgrounds, they were surprised that I could type on a computer. One thing I always did and still do is offer my time to show these folks how to work the basics of a computer.  The answer seems to be same time and again. “I am too old to learn-I can’t afford it, it is not safe..”  It would be gratifying, if I could win over just one person but I haven’t given up hope just yet.

What I am learning from this group of elders is how elegant some of the women and men are.  They are meticulous in their appearance and proud of their place in life in addition they are very kind to our wonderful staff that encompass servers, maintenance and entertainment.  Others are not so kind but I have learned that there has been a great deal of tragedy in their lives and have a bitter outlook on life.  Sadly a few of the elders feel they are ready to die (or in their own words), ready to meet their maker!  And so every day as I see the different residents I try to be as outgoing and friendly to  all.  They are showing me how getting older can be pretty wonderful even with a walker wheelchair or oxygen.  Life is what we make it and living it is the best!

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Jul '15

Model (Accessories)

I signed up to be in the fashion show once again as I love to wear the latest fashions and it is fun to parade around with all eyes on me.  The attention I get is wonderful and I love how good it makes me feel.   This time around my breathing was not cooperating and so I decided to use my walker and put my portable oxygen in the opening and saunter in with a big smile.

The crowd loved it and they also liked the orange capris and colorful blouse with a colorful necklace bracelet and handbag, the store provided.   My second fashion was a sheath dress in the latest paisley pattern with turquoise and purple highlights.  The beaded necklace and bracelet picked up the colors which really put a “Wow” to the complete outfit as I strutted in wearing my 2inch heels.

It was so much fun and I felt so good and not embarrassed as I thought I might be. And, anyway who said models have to be beautiful and perfect?

I did it my way and perhaps this might open the door for others to give it a try.

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May '15

Fitting In

When I first moved to my new residence it seemed I was out of synch with the other residents as far as mobility (lots of walkers, canes and scooters) and I prided my self on being in good physical shape to still be able to get around unaided.  Well the tables have turned as I  found my long jaunt from my apartment to the dining room was becoming a problem carrying my portable oxygen (seven pounds and bulky) with my worsening C.O.P.D .  And so I became depressed and for three weeks I had my meals delivered and just stayed in my apartment watching show after show and not enjoying anything.

Then one night my son and I had a telephone conversation where I just vented my feelings and almost a bale of tears. ” He wonderfully listened as he always manages to do and then in his kind way but direct manner” said Mom you know what to do and how to do it.  He continued to tell me he understood my situation but I was not handling it the right way,  As I rethought my words I found myself making a plan and thanking my son for our wonderful relationship.

The next morning I looked into getting a scooter or walker and this past weekend they brought me a walker to try.  I walked around the floor with it a few times and then on Sunday I placed my oxygen in the opening seat compartment and my keys on my arm.  As I walked down the corridor to the dining room I started to sing I am in with “In Crowd” and now I do fit in.

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May '15

Wonderful Mother’s Day

Received a surprise delivery of awesome Tulips from my dear son and family in Brooklyn featuring my favorite color of purple with some bright yellow and  blue.  They always manage to bloom for 2 weeks.  Yesterday I received a dozen roses and a beautiful plant from Thailand that looks like it is from the orchid family and once again in my favorite color of purple.  These treasures were from my son Joe and Chanipa and my almost 2  Joava.  She managed to be the main attraction at our Mother’s Day celebration here at Coral Oaks.  My fellow residents loved seeing her and so did I.

It was a wonderful day hearing from my son who was on a business trip, phone calls from older grand-kids and my sister all -out-of state.  I am so thankful for the love and the support of my family and friends.

Hope to hear about your Mom’s day.

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