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Oct '14

Trying to Easily downsize

My cute villa went on the website on Friday and by Monday morning I had 3 interested folks booking their times with their agent.  On Tuesday, I quickly used the swifter to freshen up the tile floors for the next three buyers.  On Wednesday the last person came, and I thought for sure he might be the one just because he kept complimenting on its appearance and its ample closet space and storage.  But this time my intuition was off and the quietest of buyers had put in an offer for my asking price and the date I requested to go to closing.

Need I tell you how surprised and happy this has made me!  The inspector will be here on Wednesday followed by an appraisal sometime in November that will seal the deal.  Hopefully, there will be no issues and it will pass with an A-O.K.

Luck is on my side and the inspection of the villa has passed.  Now it is a wait for the appraisal  and if all the figures jive I can move the first week in December.  My good friends Victoria and Kashi have been my sellers on Craig s List and local exchanges and on Saturday set up tables in their community garage sale.   I really don’t know how I would manage all of this without their help.  Truly I am so grateful for their friendship.

Now my villa is no longer neat with each room filled with boxes-bags.  I don’t really think it will all fit in my 1 bedroom apartment.  I do have access to a storage area but I am thinking ” I still have too much stuff that I probably will not use and will have to give it up and put sentimentality on the back burner.”  This is not an easy think to do but I have no choice.

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