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Jun '08

Those Wonderful Years


I decided to do some spring- summer cleaning and lo and behold lurking in the bottom of my souvenir boxes, I found an invitation to my Senior Prom.  It was on white poster board with gold lettering and the date much to my surprise June 3 1954.  It was being held at the Hotel Statler in New York City.  It was incredible that fifty four years had passed since that memorable night.

I recall wearing a turquoise strapless gown and my escort wore a white tuxedo.  We definitely made a good looking couple as we posed for photographs taken by a few friends and family.  The neighbors came out of the apartments to see us as we entered the taxi cab to take us by car to the prom.  Everyone looked glamorous in their gowns and the young men were dashing in their white tuxedos.   I recall my corsage smelling wonderfully.  After the prom a bunch of us were taken by car to Atlantic City where we  ran on the beach in our bare feet.  We thought we were pretty cool.  This was the first time we were allowed to stay out all night.   Gosh, those were the innocent years and it feels so good to remember this very special night just fifty four years ago.



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