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Feb '10

Sad News

They say that things happen in threes and so it did happen this week for me.  An elderly gentleman with an enormous engaging smile passed away at the young age of 95.  He would volunteer at the Richey Sun-coast Theatre  as a ticket taker and he will be remembered for his twinkly blue eyes and his own special way of making you feel welcome.

On Thursday of this week one of  my fellow co-workers from the State Dept of Highway Safety passed away at the young age of  60 from Lou Gehrig’s disease.   He was a Corporal in the Homicide Division and did his job with excellence and carried himself proudly off and on the job.  His son is now a Sergeant in the same troop that he had worked.  I will always remember Rick for his kind heart and soft demeanor as I am sure everyone that knew Rick would agree.

My third bolt of sadness is the passing of my daughter-in-laws Dad.  James Zuber passed away on Friday after living to a ripe age of 90 plus years.  It was only a week ago that a relative that had visited their home remarked that James wore a big smile when he greeted him.  Frank felt that he will always remember him this way.   James was the kind of man that loved tinkering with cars and was good at it and he also enjoyed his family of  four daughters and two sons.  I don’t recall when his wife passed but I do recall they were married over fifty years when she did and that was sometime ago.   My  grand and great grand children will miss him terribly as they lived close by.

And, here sits Ms Millie on this Saturday night reflecting on the past few days and as sad as I am,  I also thankful that I was able to know and care about these wonderful people.   My life is richer for having them in my life.

1 comment to “Sad News”

  1. Gullible Says:

    My condolences, Ms Millie. And so true about special friends enriching our lives.