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Mar '12

Radio Shows From the Past

Five o’clock on a Sunday evening many years ago, I recall my family gathering in the living room or parlor as we knew it waiting for the broadcast of the radio show called “The Shadow.”  I don’t recall how long the broadcast was, but I am thinking maybe a half hour including advertising.  But what stands out in my memory was the eerie voice of the announcer that sometimes sounded mysterious and a little frightening to my young ears.

And so today as I read the newspaper seeing the write-up on The Shadow making a comeback along with the Flash Gordon series I smiled……This is wonderful that the happy moments of sixty-five years ago are having a comeback.   The only difference I see is that back then families had no problem meeting at a designated place and time to enjoy family time together…..It would be a wonderful thing if this could happen in this hectic stressful lifestyle of today.and it just might create that old-fashioned time together once again.

In my book, ” all good things deserve a repeat performance.”  Don’t you agree?  I hope so!!!!


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