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Mar '14

Proud Grandmom of Laura Jean 1981

??????????????In just about five days my first grand-daughter will celebrate her thirty-third birthday.  I am thinking back to that incredible day when she came into this world and it was magical to hold her in the nursery.  As I gazed at this baby girl, I thought OM goodness this makes me a grandmother at 45 years.  Her Mom’s mom was already called grandma and so I took the liberty of adopting the name “Nana” as grandmother sounded too old to me way back when I was so young..

As Laura grew over the years she decided that her Nana was not like other Nana’s with her fun ways and decided to call me teenage Nana.  This name has stuck all through the years  with a couple of additions added to it.  When her younger sister was born in 1989 I was living out-of-state and didn’t get to meet her until she was almost two.  At that time I told Désirée that I was her Nana and with her big eyes looked at me quizzically. ” I repeated Nana like Nana Banana” and she smiled the biggest cutest smile and toddled out of the room.  A few hours later she came back with an ice cream wooden stick that she had pasted a Chiquita banana sticker on.  Hence my new name became Nana Banana, but Laura insisted that teenage precede Nana banana.  Fast forward to the present and my  first four grandchildren all  still call me Teenage Nana Banana .  There were times when we were all together and onlookers would just chuckle hearing it.  I still laugh when I think of it!  It keeps me happy and feeling silly, too!

My gosh it sure doesn’t seem like so much time has passed but again I am so thankful to have these cherished memories.  Laura I wish you a wonderful birthday and I do love you and my unique name.  And I thank you Des for adding the banana sticker and making my name even more adorable.

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