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Dec '09

My Favorite People

For me the holidays become more nostalgic as I move up in years.  I tend to reminisce more about the loved ones in my life that made me always feel special and adored.  Two that come to mind are my favorite Uncle Will who passed this past July,  right before his 94th birthday.  Will had this booming exciting voice that kept your attention and he had a magnetic personality.  He was married to my favorite Aunt Ruby for 67  years when he passed.  Is this not remarkable?

Anyway, Aunt Ruby is missing her soul mate as they did everything together and never really socialized with others.  Now that she is in an Assisted Living apartment and pining away for her lost Will.  Ruby has the voice of a younger woman and still has the raspy sound that men tend to like and when I chatted with her earlier,  I repeated this comment to her.  Aunt Ruby giggled like a school girl and said “Millie, there is an old man here that told me I am a very exciting beautiful woman”.  ( By the way,  did I mention  Ruby is 90)?

This is a roller-coaster of emotions for me and I sometimes think that life can be cruel when it takes away another persons  love of their life – their soul mate and even more so when they were so happily joined- at- the- hip.  For me,  there will always be a warm spot in my heart for my Uncle Will and Aunt Ruby with treasured memories of two outstanding people that made my young life very special.

2 comments to “My Favorite People”

  1. Walk Says:

    I can remember several persons, related and not, that I miss especially hard at this time of year. I realized one year, and it will help me this first Christmas without my father, that if I didn’t feel this void, this emptiness, then I have never loved or been loved. You were blessed to have Will and Ruby, I can see some of Ruby in you.

  2. Ms Millie Says:

    I take that as a complement and appreciate it as well.