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Nov '08

Music and Memories

One of my favorite singers is Andrea Bocelli and I have three compact discs with his music on it that I just adore.   About two weeks ago on Oprah Live on a Friday, Andrea was there in person to sing a few songs from his latest cd to be released in a week or so.   He sang one song that was divine and then as the few notes began to play the second song, my eyes filled with tears as the song titled “Because” was my Mom’s favorite song to sing.  I remembered so many of the words and now in my adulthood, I can relate to why my Mom loved this song so much and how she truly felt about my Dad.  

There are songs we hear every day, yet never really understand what the song is about.  Many songwriters I now realize are pouring out their pain, their joy, their thankfulness in their words.  They are musical journals to me.   Till I heard this song sang so beautifully by Andrea Bocelli, I hadn’t realized how much I missed my Mom.  I could hear Mama singing it like it was yesterday.

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