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May '08

I Remember Mama

She was born on May 13, 1910 in New York City. We were told her parents originated from Russia and practiced the Jewish faith. I don’t believe she ever worked but fell in love at an early age to a man who was not ready to be married. She had a child that she had to give up for adoption, named Rosie. Then she had two more children and married my father. Along I came and then 5 years later my brother was born. Poor boy- raised by three older sisters. We spoiled him!

Anyway, Mama thought she could sing opera, but she couldn’t carry a tune. She knew all the words even though they were not in English. On Saturday’s the radio was on at 2p.m. to hear the Metropolitan Opera broadcast. We did our chores listening to the opera and Mama singing.

The beauty of all of this is I learned the music and stories attached to each opera. Mama had a hard life but she tried her best. So Mama “Happy Birthday” You would be 98 years young.

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