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Jul '10

Weekend is Here

This has been a very nice week and I am happy to be relaxing this Friday night.   On Tuesday I will be bound for New York with a stop in Brooklyn to visit Darrin and Maria and my two grandchildren Sam and Meg.  They are the youngest of my grand-children and so it will be fun once again to play at their level and read bedtime stories to them.

Recently, I came to the realization that when I read to my children years ago I did find it enjoyable, but not nearly as much as I find it today.   Somehow it boils down to my not having an agenda/ a zillion things in my head, a time clock ticking.  I can just concentrate on reading – playing or just listening to Sam and Meg.  You see living out of state makes it difficult to bond with children,  and so I want to learn all about their lives and what they have been doing.  It will be a couple of days of  love and good times for me and hopefully for them too as they get to know their grandmother.

So  that is it for now, as  I need to do some packing and planning for the coming trip.  But you know I will be back very soon.

Have a great weekend!  Relax and Enjoy!

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