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May '10

Week of Good Wishes

This past Wednesday Cinco De Mayo to be exact my Marissa (great grand-daughter) celebrated her ninth birthday in New York.  I requested a piece of her ice-cream Carvel cake to be saved in the freezer for my future visit.  Marissa promised she would,  but I  have a feeling someone will be helping themselves to it.  On Friday,  my baby brother Frank turned 68 and I sang Happy Birthday to him via cell phone to his office.  It is maddening to think how fast the years have passed but blessed to still tease him as I did when we shared a room many moons ago…..Also on this day , my sister Gloria and Tommy celebrated their fifty fifth wedding anniversary.  She claims they  are as much in love today as they were then.  How special is that?

Tomorrow,  I will be treated along with all the other wonderful Mothers in the world to perhaps flowers–candy-hand made cards (those are still the best) and lots of hugs and kisses all for just being a  Mom and loving every minute of it.   For me there is no question in my mind how much I love being a Mom and I  miss the days when it was hectic and noisy and wondering would I survive another day raising my three sons?  But I did,  and I am a better person for it and so very proud of all three.  The rewards have been endless and the love priceless.

To all of  you wonderful Mom’s from Ms Millie- Happy Mothers Day!

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