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Jan '08

The Big Birthday Year

My second born son will be having his 44th birthday on Thursday.  My goodness it seems like only a a few  years ago it was 1964.   I recall his  Dad and I having a babysitter for our 5 year old, so we could go to the World’s Fair in Flushing, NY.  It was a treat to  see this once in a lifetime event.   I can recall film clips of things to come like a microwave and new technology.  Who could fathom cooking a meal in such a short period of time? 

We indeed have made huge strides  as to where we are today.  So many events and happenings have taken place during this period  but this birthday is extra special because last March he suffered a massive heart attack in March and had a triple bypass.  His prognosis was not good as he laid under paralytic drugs for two weeks.  Fortunately his youth and the will to live  along with the many prayers of family and friends pulled him through.  We feel he is a miracle and we love him dearly for beating the odds.   Here’s to many more years son, I love you.   Happy Birthday from your Mom.

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