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Ms. Millie, the sassy so called senior that some call a motivational force, cordially invites you to join her quest to stay youthful and feel better, inside & out.

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Jul '12

Brand New Month

Hope everyone had a wonderful safe fourth of July and that you are keeping cool in the summer’s heat where ever you live.   My family up North tells me they have a heat wave and without central air, they are baking.   The window a/c units cool ( but not enough for a big room) and sleeping is a problem especially for my one sister that has asthma.   I know first hand how the humidity affects me having C.O.P.D and how sometimes it takes my breath away just like in the colder months.   But, I am still thankful for all the good people and family in my life.   It seems they all have a way of bringing me joy and happiness.  “For example, I love to chat with my baby grand-daughter on Skype (with childish talk and sounds alike) it sure makes me look goofy but isn’t that what Nana’s are for?”   Parents don’t have time to be silly and relaxed and so we take over the fun part of being a grand-parent.  After all, ” I think my son’s might say Mom was a stodgy parent.”  I hope not (but in hindsight and without a rule book)  this is how it had to be!  So now it is the fun times without middle of the night feedings tummy aches and nightmares..

I find myself lately with all the spare time available thinking about the earlier years and how I managed a single parent household with meager funds and a budget (unheard of today) three wonderful sons and a full-time job.  How did I do all that and all by myself?   Now I know why my energy level seems to be depleted ?   I used it all and so did many of my counterparts that were in the same boat.   The thought never entered our minds that we were “Wonder Women” just without a title.   So hip hooray for all of us.

We still are the cream of the crop (la crème).   Enjoy your weekend…………Ms Millie

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