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Jun '09

Watching the Whittling Waistlines

Because of my addiction to fitness and feeling the best I can, I have become extremely conscious of others that I come across when I visit Fusion Fitness to do my classes.  A quiet moan and sometimes a groan from someone new is a reminder (I did that also,  just a while ago) and it reappears when I try a new pose (yoga) or leg lift (Pilate’s).

After a few months of the newbies working out I hear laments of  “how I am not losing weight”?   I chide in “yes but you are losing inches and redefining your body.”  I am? (and then the smile appears.)  Somehow,  one never sees the change but tends to watch the scale to affirm progress.   In reality muscle weighs more than fat and it is disheartening when someone is  basing their progress on the numbers reading on the scale.

It gives me a feeling of joy, when I tell someone how good they look or you sure are doing great.  I believe everyone needs a pat on the back, a positive word.

My goal is to complete my lists of helpful words and use it as a reinforcement tool.  Ms Millie’s Deckof Cards.  How does that sound?

1 comment to “Watching the Whittling Waistlines”

  1. Erik Says:

    You are really workout addict, well as long as it does really good on your body there is nothing wrong with it. It’s a good thing to help the newbie to lose their confusing whether they lose weight or not.