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Apr '11

Missing the Old Days

Once upon a time Spring meant shopping for a new Spring coat and also visiting the local millinery shops to try on the latest in hats.   I loved the dress up on Sundays wearing my hat and gloves with purse to match.  Even my sons would be in their Sunday attire of slacks, shirt and tie with their freshly polished shoes and neatly combed hair.  If we were going to church that is how everyone would be dressed or if we were invited to someone’s home for dinner.  We would stop at the local bakery and pick up a layer cake or pastries as you didn’t visit empty-handed.

Today if I wear a dress or skirt it is like where are you going?   The hat generation and fashion is gone but I am going to dress up in my finest dress and heels this Easter Sunday and strut my stuff and maybe I will tempt others to bring back dress up Sundays.

After all us ladies have legs, we should be showing them like the olden days!

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