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Oct '07

Dancing Feet

Wow! I so wish my feet would move like theirs do and have a body to match. Wishful thinking for sure but I can dream and I do so every Monday broadcast as I turn my phone off, make myself a cup of herbal tea, and then sit in my recliner waiting for the show to come on. As they strut their stuff down the stairway one looks as pretty as the other. The men are all stunning in their proud presence. As the band plays my feet are moving to the beat and then it begins. One after the other twirling, dipping, waltzing and doing their cha chas I am breathless. I jot down the phone number of who is my choice and wait to call in.

My dream- Someone will create the show for amateurs to dance with the stars. I would be on their list and up there doing my cha cha cha. Would you vote for me?

1 comment to “Dancing Feet”

  1. Roxanne Parris Says:

    I would vote for you! My favorite dancer! Finally got time to look at your blogs. Sorry it has taken me so long.