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May '08

Wow! They Were Great!

I was invited today to hear the chorus sing over at the elementary school where I volunteer. Ten of my former students that are now in the fourth grade were chosen to sing and play bells along with America the Beautiful. As they stood on the rafters in height order, they gazed out into the audience and spotted me. With a quiet motion of their hand, they waved and smiled. I hoped they could see my big smile and happy tears too and know how proud I am of them. I was so happy to see them and amazed at how fast they are growing. Their lovely rendition of this great American hymn lifted my heart and spirit.

They also performed another wonderful song that many years ago was sung at my high school graduation, You’ll Never Walk Alone. Never were truer words spoken as I don’t believe we ever walk alone. It brought back fond memories of a happy girl – diploma and tassel in hand.

Here’s to wonderful nostalgia and BIG THANK YOU to my wonderful, Sabina, Hyler and Chris just to name a few. You were all great!

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