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Jul '08

Wondering about Inspiration

For the past few weeks I sort of feel like a balloon with its air trickling out, deflated.  I go through the days not really into anything, almost robotic.  I have watched more movies and read magazines, newspapers and find myself sheltering myself from speaking on the phone, mixing in socially.  Is this some sort of depression?  I don’t know  but I think I am missing the children, their happy voices, their eagerness to learn, their smiles.  They are in fact my inspiration, my reason for devoting 2-3 days a week to helping them with reading, math, social skills. 

It has been five years since I retired and I don’t think I have adapted to (do nothing days) yet!  Curious as to what inspires you?  If you are in the same predicament, please share your sentiments with me.   Till then I am counting the weeks till school begins.  Hope I am not the only one.

2 comments to “Wondering about Inspiration”

  1. Gullible Says:

    Ah, Ms. Millie,’tis not depression or boredom but the absence of your muse that empties your heart and mind. Find her, and all will be well. If you can’t locate her, I’ll loan you a bit of mine, as she drives me to distraction. She never has learned how to tell time, and I never know when she will strike. I do, however, know the feeling well–that mind-numbing sense of loss, that emptiness, that wonder-why-I’m-sitting-at-the-computer-playing-Spider-Solitaire-for-hours feeling.


  2. Ms Millie Says:

    At 10 this morning I arrived for my Yogalates class for an hour and then stayed for the one hour yoga class. Between the poses and stretching, I swear it is like going on vacation, as I can feel my energy level soar – the confetti leaving me with a clear head – once again. I do know that in a few days the full moon will be upon us and it does effect me somewhat. I do appreciate your comment and letting me know I am not alone in the wee hours or on a Sunday afternoon…..