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Sep '10

Wonderful Weekend After All

The hurricanes went out to sea fortunately and everyone seemed to have great weather for the last weekend of summer.  I had a good time relaxing, doing my exercise and also volunteering at the gift shop on Saturday afternoon.

It is an enjoyable time for me as I get to meet people from all walks of life and chat for a few minutes.  A favorite for me is hearing about their whereabouts and where they are from.  This week I will be back in the gift shop on Wednesday afternoon to fill in for a vacationing volunteer and then again on Saturday.  Tomorrow I get to visit my first graders and hear about their long weekend.

Life is good and I hope your weekend went well, too!

2 comments to “Wonderful Weekend After All”

  1. Carolyn Maczuga Says:

    Hi Millie, Don.t know if I filled the top out right. Hope all is well with you. Sounds like we have both been busy. I was substitute teacher for the 2nd grade for a few days, teacher was ill. Sure tires you out. Had another x-ray of my back and it is partially healed. Dr. said I’m healing faster than other women my age. Are you leaving on vacation in Oct? We will be going on the 10th of Oct. I’ve also been volunteering at our church. Visiting some of the homeboun and helping them set up their medication for the week. Talk with you soon.

  2. Ms Millie Says:

    Hi Carolyn, So nice to see you here and you did do everything right. It sounds like we are both giving back to the community. You realize that everything we do for others comes back around tenfold and I personally thrive on keeping busy. Loved the good news on your back issue, too.