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Oct '13

I Wonder

Maybe it has to do with aging that I have these thoughts of what will people say when I am gone?  I don’t want to sound morbid or foreboding.  I just wonder!

Will I leave a good impression and will they say I loved people (as I do) was I kind (most of the time) and loved sharing stories (usually all mine). Did I offer my shoulder to cry on (or was I the leaner)?  These are some of the things I randomly think about.

For years I have written countless pages of how I feel about so and so and things that I liked and disliked, all with the plan to write a book, but always stop and then get writers block. Then, I start again but never at the beginning as I don’t know much about that part.   There are  far too many unanswered questions with no one to answer and the ones that might have had the answer, they are dead.  Each time, I try to piece fragments of memories together just like a puzzle board and always with the hope I will jive some family member’s memories.  Their memories would fill in some of the missing data.  How nice that would be!.

Does anyone else wonder like “I do?”

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