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Jun '13

Wish You Were Here

As I looked at the date I realized that it has been nine years since my children’s Dad passed away.  He was only a week away from his 66th birthday when he lost his battle with cancer. Our marriage was over many years ago but I know he loved his sons and grand-children.  The one great grand child was a toddler when he was sick.  He would have adored Sam, Meg and Mia and the latest baby Joava..   I know that life isn’t fair sometimes and I try to give lots of love and attention to all of them and praise for their achievements.

It is so wonderful telling people I have nine grand children and two great grand-kids.  ‘Their eyebrows are always raised in surprise mode when they ask are they young in age?”

Well let’s see,  the oldest is 31 and the next is almost 30 and so on down the list I go until I reach the last one born just thirteen days ago.  Then it is my turn to smile from ear to ear.  Am I proud?  Absolutely and thankful too, that life has been good to me!  And so sorry you weren’t here  to see it all.


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