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Sep '09

Who Will Win the Million Dollars?

I have  been faithful to America’s Got Talent and tonight was the final of  ten best performers with the winner being named on Wednesday’s live show.   The array of  talent is just outstanding and to pick one person only to be the winner will be up to America voting their choice.  If it were up to the judges it would be a difficult task.

We are so fortunate to have so much talent in our world today.  I feel that it helps us cope with the serious parts of life giving us a pleasant diversion.

I voted my ten votes for all ten performers.  This way I gave each- one vote and maybe,  that one vote will be tie breaking one.  One of my  favorites is the male singer that sings like Barry White especially when he sang one of his all time hits  “You are my  First,  My Last- My Everything.”

Wednesday night will tell all.

2 comments to “Who Will Win the Million Dollars?”

  1. Walk Says:

    Are you surprized? Disappointed? in who won.

  2. Ms Millie Says:

    I was happy for the winner (chicken catcher) but I thought for sure Recycled Percussion might win for originality and I adored Barbara Bedilla’s voice. It was quite an array of wonderful talent. Did you watch?