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Sep '07

Where Were You?

Where were you on 9-11-01?

I remember it well because my son was at my home recuperating from a heart surgery and I was at work. He called me at work and asked me if what he had seen was real or was he hallucinating from the medication he was taking? I had no idea what he was referring to until the second tower was hit while he was on the line with me. I put him on hold and ran to my bosses office which housed a television and I turned it on to see what I could not believe was happening. Running back to my office with tears streaming I picked up the phone to tell him “yes” it is real and too bad it wasn’t his imagination. Myself and the other girl in the office tried to do our work and answer the phones while I listened on the radio.

To hear and see it again today only reinforces that we should never forget nor should we take anything in life for granted. Be kind and loving to all and always hug and kiss someone hello or goodbye. Try to do a good deed for someone everyday. Take time to be thankful and grateful for all that you have. Give of yourself even if it is only a smile and a thank you. Many years ago a famous singer Don Cornell sang a hit song “There’s No Tomorrow” Just live for today. So let’s make all our today’s the best we can.

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