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May '08

Where Was This Hiding?

Awhile back, I had a water leak that affected my kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanity along with the carpeting in my office. It wasn’t too much of an inconvenience because the wonderful SERVPRO people came in and replaced the pad and shampooed the carpet. Looks brand new.

The past few days I have been emptying cabinets, drawers and the vanity.  I could open a mini market with all kinds of shampoo, curling irons I’ve never used, plastic containers of all sizes and shapes, silverware that does not match, souvenir plates, magnets and the like. They were kind of enough to bring boxes and paper to wrap the delicate dishes.

i have boxes and boxes lined up in my living room. On Monday and Tuesday, the carpenters are going to tear out the old cabinets and replace them with new ones.  They will also reface the countertops. The bathroom will be getting a new counter and vanity too!

If I survive this mess, my kitchen and bathroom will look brand new. Anyone need any boxes? Only kidding. I will give them back to the kind folks at SERVPRO.  I also plan to give my son, who is living nearby, some of the dishes, the silverware and the plastic containers. I am sure he can use them and will love them…  If you need some shampoo, just let me know!

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