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Aug '07

Where Are All the Gentlemen?

How many of you out there are trying to meet some nice guy with manners, good hygiene, personality and the art of holding a conversation?

When I was a teenager it was neat when guys asked you to a movie, then maybe the diner for a snack and they walked you home….Some hugging in the movie and then perhaps a little more kissing in the hallway and then good night….There wasn’t any groping or foul language.

We had fun and although we are older we are still looking for the same scenario but maybe after getting to know each other, more than a good night kiss…..Guys talking about everything related to sex on a first conversation is a turnoff for us ladies…Using that expression “I am a touchy feely type of guy” is not what women want to hear…..A better choice would be I like to show my affection when the feeling is mutual or I am a romantic……..Gives us a prettier picture and something to look forward to…….

There used to be a nice song “Saturday Night is the Loneliest Night of the Week” and I think it is very prevalent today with so many singles out there of all ages and neither sex finding each other to have a fun date……..How can we change this?

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