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Ms. Millie, the sassy so called senior that some call a motivational force, cordially invites you to join her quest to stay youthful and feel better, inside & out.

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Feb '08

When is the Rainy Day?

Many of us have been told repeatedly, always save for a rainy day.  You never know when it might happen and you  need to be prepared.  Are we prepared for emergencies, disasters?  Do we spend it all and pray the rainy day never arrives? 

This question came to my mind over and over the past two days where I am a  volunteer doing tax returns for VITA and AARP.  We can help families and seniors with low -medium income and interest for an uncomplicated return that we prepare as a free service.  What I have discovered is that elderly seniors (85-94) are still saving for a rainy day. 

During my interview gaining information for the return, their biggest lament was “Everything is so expensive, we can hardly save any more.”   I asked them with a smile, why are you still saving?  When will you start to spend?  A few just had a puzzled look- and then  “why are we saving?   Kiddingly,  I mentioned that if they were getting a refund, they perhaps should spend it on a great dinner, a new shirt, dress, tie.  Why not go on the vacation you promised yourself years ago?   Today should be the end of rainy days.  You have earned “sunshine only” days.   If anything, they left with a smile and a plan to have lots of sunny days.

 (VITA- Volunteer Income Tax Assistance)

2 comments to “When is the Rainy Day?”

  1. Walk Says:

    Millie, you make me tired. Is there a time you spend for yourself? It is great that you volunteer as much as you do. Keeping busy is what keeps us young and ready for that rainy day and especially for the sunny ones.

  2. MsMillie Says:

    Walk-I function so much better when I have too much on my plate so to speak. I love the challenge of planning to fit all that I want to do in a time slot. Yes, ironically all this volunteering I do is for me and my well being. Keeps my soul alive.