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Nov '08

What is My Name?

My birth name is Mildred (ugh) and as soon as I hit thirteen,  I told my family I would no longer answer to that name, my new name would be Millie.  Now, I have met many Mildreds’  in my life who did not want to be called Millie and about ten years ago I had a neighbor named Mildred who adored her name and chose not to be called Millie.  So, we decided we would be known as the M & M neighbors.  Mildred moved away just a few years ago.  Since then I have not met any one with my name.

My grandchildren call me Nana Banana and my exercise instructors and members call me Ms Millie or Momma Millie, yet out of all of the names,  the one I love best is “Mom”.  For me,  It is a testament of love when one of my sons says “hi Mom”.  There are no sweeter words for this Mom’s ears, and the feelings it evokes in me.  How do you feel about your name (s)?

4 comments to “What is My Name?”

  1. Walk Says:

    About the only name I answer to anymore is Knothead. Sometimes I’ll answer to Dipstick. But my favorite is Mellonhead, makes me feel like a rock star.

  2. MsMillie Says:

    That is soooo cute. Thinking back, I recall someone calling me Lucy- Come to the club. I was probably in one of my head in the clouds days. If it sounds a little familiar, it is a line from I love Lucy, The Desi Arnaz show. Desi would say this to Lucy, sometimes. It was a fun show and lots of good laughs.

  3. Willena Says:

    I have an Aunt Millie… my mom’s sister. 🙂

    I also have a dear friend named Millie… or Milly, as she sometimes spells it. My favourite nickname for my best friend happens to be Skilly, and hers for me is Willy. She is the only one who I allow to call me Willy. But since we are both good friends with Millie aka Milly, we have a picture taken of the three of us which I labeled… Skilly, Milly & Willy. 😉


  4. Ms Millie Says:

    Hi Willena, I am so happy you are enjoying my blog and appreciate your comments. Nice to have a friend in Canada.