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Jun '12

What happened to “Thank you?”

I think the dictionary should start deleting seldom used words.  For example those two little ones that pack a punch and lift your spirits, those words that light up your life when you hear, thank you!   Why is it so difficult to say or write thank you, to tell someone you love the card, their gift , the happy feeling you felt when you received their present, their hard-earned money?

Why with all of today’s technology, does it not happen?  And for those of us who do the right thing, we are well aware that it takes a short five minutes to make a phone call leave a message-text-email and even find time to jot a quick note.

Can someone help me understand the reasoning behind this lack of appreciation the disregard of proper etiquette?

I just wonder if it only happens in my family or is this the norm for today’s world?






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