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Jun '08

What Happened to Common Sense?

Maybe it is my age speaking but I can recall being taught to have common sense. People ask nonsensical questions that are embarrassing to the person. One example….a friend suffered a stroke and does not have use of her right hand. She has finally found someone to help her without having insurance as she is on disability and they advise she will need Occupational therapy and someone will call her. Sure enough she receives phone call to set up the appointment. She gives Sandy the date and time and tells her to write the information down. When Sandy replies, “I am not able to do that. I am right handed and my hand is paralyzed”. “ I need to go on my computer and type with one finger from my left hand.”. How long will that take? Poor Sandy was ready to cry even though she is a sixty year old woman. I am sure the nurse or appointment person had some information or should ask some leading questions; what are your limitations, can you drive, walk?

She needed to see if the Med Van could pick her up that day to which the girl asked “Don’t you drive?” Something needs to be done to wake up the world to have people in service industries think before they speak and ask these types of questions, if not I feel they defintiely need to provide it!!

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