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Jun '09

Weekend is Here

I am quite happy that it is Friday with only one more day to complete two weeks of exercise with only a two days rest.  It has definitely given me a renewed zest along with starting to show some muscle in my upper arms,  which hopefully will camouflage my wrinkling skin.  It is part of the aging process I realize,  but accepting it isn’t easy.  I believe that if I do more reps with increased weights, it will definitely change the definition of my arms and strength ability.  Currently I am using 2 and 3 lb and next week I will probably do 3 and some with 4 lbs with my goal of 5 lb by the end of August.

Sunday (Fathers Day) I will be missing my Daddy (as always)  and also calling my sons and wishing them Happy Dad’s day.  That afternoon, I will be attending a Direct from Broadway show produced by John Leggio and his students performing 70 songs from 50 shows.   The ages range from 3-17 as well as faculty members that have performed elsewhere professionally.  It should be a wonderful uplifting afternoon and I will be singing and tapping along to the music.

For all of you Dads out there “Happy Fathers Day”  and a wonderful weekend to all…….

2 comments to “Weekend is Here”

  1. Ferienwohnungen Italien Says:

    You are very correct. I am 40 and in my working area, people seemed to be giving such a fuss about my age! Even making a joke about getting old, making me feel extinct. That hurts, really!! Reading your post makes me consider adding some exercise in my brisk walk routine. By the way, Happy Fathers Day to your dad!

  2. Ms Millie Says:

    Thank you for your response and I can honestly say from experience that exercise is the key to looking and feeling our best. I vividly recall five or so years back when a relative commented on my walking slow (shuffling my feet)and it home for me. I researched why and found out “our ankles tighten as we age”, but doing simple exercises, e.g. yoga, pilates will help to loosen the tightness and “viola” we walk like a young person once again.