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Jul '08

Wearing a Dress

Here I am on a Saturday afternoon pondering the all famous lament of women, “what should I wear”?  Living in Florida and also being retired leads me to wearing capris, jeans, modified shorts and workout clothing.  For years i dressed for work in suits, skirts and sweaters, and dresses. 

I decided an hour ago, it is time I dress like a female and show some leg for a change.  I am going to a dinner theatre tonight, so what better time to dress up?  I have decided on a leopard print dress with dolmen sleeves and a beige cover up for the breeze in the theatre.  My legs will be adorned with hose and black wedgies.  I feel taller already!  This is going to be a great outfit and fun time.  The show being featured is called Forever Plaid and the some of the music will bring back memories of years gone by.  The group originally was comprised of four guys who loved to sing and had met in high school.  They were dreaming of becoming like their idols-The Four Lads, The Four Freshmen, The Crew Cuts and the The Four Aces.  En route to their first big gig, they were broadsided by a school bus and killed instantly.  The story  for Forever Plaid begins.  Some of the songs are Three Coins in the Fountain, Undecided, Sixteen Tons, Shangri-La and my all time favorite “Love is A Many Splendored Thing”.

I have loaded my purse with Kleenex. 


1 comment to “Wearing a Dress”

  1. Gullible Says:

    Ummmm….Ms. Millie? What is a “dress?” Gully :>)