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Nov '09

Wake Up Call

So many of us who have raised families and learned to save for that rainy day still do it, even in our senior years.  We always think well if it means so much to us, then our children would probably love to have it, too.  And so we save it in our extra luggage (the ones with no wheels), purses that have gone out of style, trinkets from trips, leis from Hawaii, t-shirts from each vacation destination, cards for birthdays, mother’s day, hand written notes from our children, grandchildren, etc.  And then one day- an accident or an illness occurs and within a matter of weeks, we see our dear friend with a fused neck from a fall that will prevent her from ever driving again and afraid to come back to her home placed in an Assisted Living facility until after the holidays.  Soon after she will be moving to her daughter’s residence in Ga.

This past weekend all of her belongings were in the driveway that we share for a moving sale.  As the steady stream of cars came and folks of all ages purchased a bed, mattresses, plants, frames, televisions, entertainment center,  I painfully witnessed my dear friend and neighbors personal residence being emptied “just like that”.  I know it has to be (but it sure hurts) and goodness knows,  it could be me tomorrow!

But what is the answer?  Do we keep abreast of  what we have and not save anything?  Is it the “Rainy Day” now?  My heart is heavy and my eyes keep tearing up.  It is going to be rough not having my Rita next door anymore.

1 comment to “Wake Up Call”

  1. Walk Says:

    After the deaths this year of a few close folks, from a sixth grader to my 89 year old dad, I’ve come to this realization, stuff is junk. If we worry about what stuff we have and forget the riches we have in our family and friends, then all the gold in the world isn’t going to bring you happiness. Rita was richer for having you in her life and vise versa. I know even though we haven’t met physically, your friendship has become valuable to me and I’m richer for it. Rita too.