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Aug '10

Up at Dawn

My usual wake-up time is 8 with a bed time of around midnight and so last evening I had to reset my alarm for 6:15 and wondered if I could do it!   You see  I usually hit the snooze alarm a few times,  but I knew if I hit it once,   I would just roll over and go to back to sleep and miss my appointment.

You might wonder what was so important for me to do this and so I will tell you why.  In order for me to volunteer at the gift shop  I needed four additional hours of training that would prepare me to be able to work alone on my scheduled day.  And the only time available with Melinda to train me would be 8:15 this morning until 12:00 noon.

So, with this in mind I headed to bed a little earlier and woke up with a smile,  knowing I would be doing something different and also meeting new people.

You see being retired after working for more than thirty years I am finding out so more about Ms Millie and what brings me the most joy out of each day.  It  somehow boils down to being needed and being useful and I  am missing this feature in my life  now that my family is grown and out on their own.  I need days that are filled with a newness and not the mundane.

Hence,  the gift shop where I am meeting people excited about the impending birth of their first grand- child along with the anxiety and the worry of their loved one’s operation, illness or stay at the hospital and all the rest of  the mixed emotions of everyone combined.  If perhaps my friendly greeting and smile will open a pathway to a lighter moment for them, then I am in the right place at the right time.

By the time noon arrived (the time did seem to fly by), I was hungry and a little weary but confident that I could work on my own and know I will love doing it.

And my shift won’t be until noon on Saturday so I can go back to getting up at eight.  It was worth it,  getting up at dawn!

2 comments to “Up at Dawn”

  1. Walk Says:

    I imagine your smile would brighten someone’s day even if just for a moment. Good luck in your new role, I know you’ll be great in it.

  2. Ms Millie Says:

    Once again I thank you for your kind words and I look forward to my first Saturday at the gift shop. I am already smiling.