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Aug '09

Unpacked and Relaxed

It was so nice to be home and have my comfortable bed and pillow waiting for me.  I spent yesterday putting everything away, doing laundry and opening the mail.  After a great night’s sleep I did my one hour Pilate’s  class and then headed to my favorite salon for a much needed haircut and some magic potion to cover the peeking gray at the temples.

With school starting here in Florida on Monday I wanted to be ready to meet all the new children at Marlowe Elementary. There will be lots of new faces and inquisitive minds to help learn and inspire and I am hoping to do first or kindergarten age children as  I find this age group,  to be the most receptive to listening and learning as they are exposed to their introduction of formal classrooms.

It has been raining on and off all day and the grass is looking nice and green.  Tomorrow’s forecast is for sunny skies and warm temps so I might just go up to the pool and read the Sunday paper.

Have a great weekend.

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