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Oct '08

Uncomfortable Flashback

Going through my stack of unread magazines my attention was drawn to a scene on a cover of this week’s issue of Time Magazine.  The photo is “The New Hard Times” depicting men on line for free soup, etc.    It unnerved me as I remember that scene from many years ago, when I was a child being raised under those poor economic conditions.  It brought today’s economic and financial plight into broad daylight for me.  How unfair for us as seniors that have worked and scrimped for so many years to finally say “hey, I can go out to eat, go on vacation, see a movie.  Then the dark cloud comes and the pouring bad news about our monies, our homes, our health care.  How did all this happen?  We were doing so well someone told us or led us to believe or we just assumed.  I wish I knew someone with “The Magic Wand” like in our fairy tales.  Unfortunately, this is reality and we need answers, pronto. 

I am not comfortable with deja vu.  Are you?

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