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Mar '14

Will the tradition continue?

Sunday night will be the look forward to show of the year for my sisters and brother and of course my self.  This will be the fashion and hairdo’s plus our check sheet in hand for our best pick of actress-actor-music scores and other categories finally concluding with the best picture of the year.  This is the Oscars and I don’t believe I have missed a show since 1952.  Staying up to midnight some years  was difficult when I had to be up early the next day for school and then later on for work but I managed to get through the day and crash earlier on Monday night.  It has always been a tradition in my family but unfortunately not for my children.  Going to the movies was the event of the week when I was a child and Saturday afternoon was movie time.  We could walk to the movies and buy children’s tickets and be seated by the matron in the children’s section.  We knew better than to misbehave as she carried a flashlight and a mean look on her face and she would escort you out of your seat  if you did.  Plus we would be punished once we got home so we always thought of this first.

I should explain that growing up in New York City (in the borough called the Bronx) everything was in walking distance and children walked to school rain or shine sleet or snow.  We didn’t have the luxury of snow days or parents driving us as most of us didn’t own an automobile.  We had the subway and buses and for a few years I recall even the trolley car when I was much younger.  It was kind of neat having that independence and no fear of someone hurting us.  We were taught right from wrong and what the rewards and repercussions were.

Anyway back to the movies on Saturday, we started off with cartoons and then the News reel  followed by the coming attractions.  This was at least a half hour and then we had two full length movies with one always being a western and the other a comedy.  John Wayne, Randolph Scott, Gary Cooper, Hedy Lamar, Lana Turner, Cornell Wilde were some of the earlier stars and we had lots of pirate movies.   The cost was maybe $.15 graduating to a quarter in later years.    So the love of movies started at early age.  We always tried to see the best ones first.  This way if they were nominated for an Oscar, we could vote among ourselves.   Also,” let me tell you that we knew what was fantasy (make-believe) and real so that movies like Frankenstein and the Mummy scared us but we knew it wasn’t real with the same rationale with the cowboys and Indians killing each other with guns and arrows.”

When all the fear began I don’t know but then again when we lost self-respect for others, maybe this was the beginning of the end of the “good old days”.  But the Oscars lived on through it all and I am so happy to be the age I am along with my two sisters and brother that will be tuned in tomorrow night for the traditional show.  I have to admit I have not seen all the movies up for the award but it will be enjoyable nonetheless.

I am hoping the tradition continues!!!

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