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Aug '07

Too Old to Cry

Can you imagine a few people being so rude and uncaring in a group of so called friends not talking to each other? Or the few deciding who they will not bother with? Originally the few started off as thinking” hey we are good friends” (don’t know the true meaning of the word friends) and then one starts to look better due to exercise or dressing classier or is getting more attention and they decide I am not talking to her. The person they stop talking to and ignoring has been polite and has not said a word, but this person has feelings and is now shying away slowly.

Unfortunately, this group started out with about 15 or so people getting together for dinner, dancing and just hanging out at a local club or beach…..Then who met who, who paired of with who, who decided who should be with who and so on……You are probably thinking this is a group of children or teenagers. Nope, each one is over the age of 65 or close to it and should be embarassed by their actions.

We are past the age of acting childish and we should be treating each other with kindness and respect whether we like each others habits or not.

They are hurting themselves and others and if they would only put their energies into something worthwhile they would like their reflection in the mirror alot more……I personally have found myself almost in tears but held back and made a joke out of it to myself and ha ha ha till I felt better.

And so I am not “too old to cry” but I choose laughter!

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