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Apr '13

Tomorrow Brings May Flowers

They say that April showers bring May flowers and so tomorrow maybe my new plants will start to bud.  I received a very nice thank you plant today for being a valuable volunteer at my favorite school along with a wonderful notebook to jot down all of my thoughts as I go through my days.  Having this pretty covered notebook will be a reminder to do it as I am finding that I don’t remember all the facts just fragments.

This past Sunday I met with the staff of Trinity Yoga Studio and a reporter from our local newspaper The Tampa Tribune. Their reporter Cliff had an interest in yoga and was curious about the studio-classes and its offerings.  The co-owners Christina and Janel thought it fitting to have me as the Ambassador of the senior group (age-wise) to let people see how Yoga can benefit them in their lives. For me personally it has improved my posture-my balance and above all cleared my mind (at least for an hour) and I have learned how to live stress free just by learning to breathe that “yogic breath.”  I think it would look inviting under a title of mini vacation ideas as YOUR OWN GET AWAY, that is what yoga can do for you!

Hopefully the article will be an inspiration in addition to information for families to look into taking a class or two.  It is addictive and so beneficial to our minds bodies and emotions.   I sure hope I was smiling!!!!!!!!!!!


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