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May '09

Tip-Toeing Thru the Raindrops

Our grass is starting to become a deeper shade of green on our fifth day of rain.  The sun tried its best today for about ten or so minutes but then disappeared and the torrents of rain were back but without the lightening and thunder.   That just changed, it is now pitch black outside and it is only  5 pm.  Could a tornado be lurking nearby?  It sounds like rocks are bouncing off my skylight as the torrential rains are coming down.  ” I wonder how strong is my skylight and is it possible to crack?”  By the way has anyone heard of skylights cracking?   Hopefully,  the answers will be negative.

For now I will say “here’s to sunnier days with the guarantee I will be griping soon enough that is sooooo hot and humid.”    Please send us some rain!!

2 comments to “Tip-Toeing Thru the Raindrops”

  1. Walk Says:

    When the hail gets to be baseball size, which happens quite often here in Okie land, skylights will break. In fact we had guards over ours until this year when we re-roofed the house. You must be in the rain pattern we were in, if so you have a week of sun coming your way.

  2. Ms Millie Says:

    Yes!! The sun blinded me today as I drove to see “Hello Dolly” at the neighborhood theater. Great show and a fun-lovin Dolly. Hope you are right with the week of sunshine. Please keep your hail in Okie Land, can’t afford to re-roof.