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Oct '09

Time Change

I realized today that in another week or so we will be ending DST and it will be dark at 6 in the evening.  In some ways,  I feel trapped being I don’t drive at night and in the spring and summer,  it gives me more hours to go out.  On the other hand,  I actually accomplish more indoor chores and also find more time to read and relax.  Maybe it is just the extra hour of sleep we get back,  but it sure is nice to hug that pillow-  just a bit longer.

The weather in Florida this weekend is hot but no humidity so I just might venture up to the pool and finish the book I have been reading.  It has been a nice week with exercise, mentoring and lunch with my friend Lorraine at Crisper’s.  She is one of the prizes of people in my life that I treasure and truly enjoy her company.  One other reason is that Lorraine is just 23 days older than I and we get to celebrate each others birthday with lunch.

Have a nice weekend everyone! Enjoy your family, football, baseball and Smile, Laugh and most of all be happy!

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