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Sep '08

Three Sevens

Normally,  three sevens would mean big winnings, if I was playing the slots at a casino.  Today,  I am not feeling lucky at all.  The few little stocks I do have are shrinking in value as I peeked with one eye at the listings.  It seemed easier to view with just one eye.  I have listened to the financial experts tell us not to worry-  just hang in there-  this too shall pass.  Hopefully,  they are right and three sevens will multiply again and again in the very near future.  It sure would make a bunch of us feel more at ease and hopeful.

Besides, It would be easier on both eyes wide open.

2 comments to “Three Sevens”

  1. Walk Says:

    I believe this too will pass, so turn on Dancing With The Stars and enjoy. I watched it yesterday, seeing years added before I could retire, but then decided I wouldn’t worry about it. There’s nothing my worry can change, so I’ll just roll with the punches. In fact I just ordered a new camera so I’m trying to do my part by keeping my money circulating. :>)

  2. Ms Millie Says:

    Thank you for your encouragement, Walk. I did watch Dancing With The Stars last night and looking forward to this evening’s show to see if my predictions are right. By the way, I like your idea about keeping your money circulating. Enjoy your new camera when it arrives.