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Jun '09

Thirty Degrees Difference

As I type this,  I glance at the weather channel desktop showing New York has a 65 temperature reading vs 95 here in Florida.  That is a hot and humid 30 degrees difference yet the sun and blue skies looking out of the windows make it a beautiful cooling picture.  It is only when you walk outside and feel that burst of hot air that it catches your breath!!!!!

My family in Long Island is hoping for warmer temperatures as school will be over early next week.  The little ones,  will be anxious to start their time off swimming.  Pop Pop will have to set up the pool before the 4th of July,  so they can celebrate by having a bar b q and pool party.  Everyone will enjoy the time together.

I had hoped we would have cooler weather as a good friend of mine details cars for a living.  My appointment was scheduled for today and fortunately,  my car is under a carport although it didn’t lessen the sweat and heat from the hot sticky weather.  I tried lightening the mood with the news of the weather in New York, but he did not laugh.

Spencer does an incredible job and is so neat and organized, I try not to be envious.  We both laughed as my neighbors peeked and opened their doors,  to see his progress as he made my 2001 red Corolla look brand new( inside and out.)

I have a feeling I will be upset,  if one leaf or dust particle from the lawn mower person lands on my clean, shiny car.  I wish I could wrap it in plastic or put a blanket over it!  But, it’s only a car.

Till tomorrow stay cool!  Don’t come to Florida!

1 comment to “Thirty Degrees Difference”

  1. Spencer Says:

    Thanks for the compliments. Always glad to be of help to you!