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May '12

Thinking About Dates and Happenings

Growing up and looking forward to Mother’s Day was always fun as my Mom’s birthday was May 13 and for many years it fell on Mother’s Day too.  Being money was very limited in those days of my youth, one tiny gift might be all I was able to save for and this would cover both celebrations.  We had Woolworth, a huge store that sold everything but food and Kresge’s that wasn’t as large but also carried knickknacks and other goods.  There I knew I would be able to find for just a nickel or dime something  so nice, Mom would love .  Besides that my Dad had instilled in us the concept “that it wasn’t the cost but the thought that counts”.

This Sunday Mom would have been 102 and she would be wearing a smile from ear to ear, so happy  that her birthday fell on a holiday.  My wish is that I feel her love shining down on me.   Happy Birthday Mom and Happy Mother’s Day too.  I miss you Mom with all my heart…

Love your baby daughter,


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