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May '08

They Looked Awesome

Last Thursday’s Oprah show was just as good as I’d hoped! I am so happy I can watch Cher and Tina Turner again and again since I saved it on my Tivo DVR (akin to VCR taping).

The both of them inspired me just as I am sure other viewers were. Their charisma and outlook on life proved to me that age is only a number. We truly can look good at fifty, sixty or even close to seventy. In spite of all the trauma and unhappiness they have endured, both were able to bounce back and made new lives for themselves. Not only are they young at heart but their spirit is contagious. They sent a signal saying “women can do anything, if they put their mind to it.”

For me, I will continue my exercise and love of dancing. It keeps a smile on my face plus this writing helps, too!

Oprah looked so good and proud of them and happy as she sang along in the audience. Great show! Thank you, Oprah.

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