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Oct '08

The Visitor’s are Back

Today was the perfect weather for showing off our sweaters, hoodies and jeans.  The little ones were bundled up at the bus stops with their little hands tucked in their pockets. Yet, by lunchtime, I could feel the chill dissipating with the afternoon sun as I drove to the supermarket.  Sure enough the air was blasting in the store, but I was dressed for it.  Out of the corner of my eye I see two couples complaining about the coolness and realize they are wearing shorts, flip flops and a tank top.   The contrast as always is hilarious.  We are here on vacation, how come it is cold ?  I think they were talking out loud, but I offered my two cents.  It is the coldest day for Florida and we are loving it.  They were kind enough to smile and say “we can handle it”, we just didn’t dress right. We Floridians are spoiled, as soon as the first chill comes we are cold, for our visitor’s (snow birds) it is just a little breeze.  Can’t wait to see tomorrow’s fashions.

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