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Jan '12

The Rain of Rains

I woke up today so excited to be visiting the first graders this afternoon.  The weather person promised a must need shower after a few weeks of no precipitation at all.  And so I was not surprised to see the cloudy skies and hear a sprinkle or two on my skylight.   I busied myself with some need to do chores and then started to get ready for the drive to school.

It seemed out of nowhere that a burst of thunder sounded with torrential rains following it.   As I watched the clock tick off the minutes I  hoped it would stop as fast as it had started.   That is so typical of Florida weather (it rains buckets for five or ten minutes and then it stops with the sun peeking through and the streets almost dry) but this didn’t seem to be happening.  At times it looked like it were raining sideways and if anything my windows were getting a free much-needed cleaning.

I have learned that trying to see on the roads during the heavy rains is treacherous.  It is almost like they have magic brakes and wipers in addition to x-ray vision.  And so Ms Millie knew it was not going to happen today and hoped that Friday would bring our beautiful Florida sunshine back and guide me to my little ones.

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