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Jun '11

The Month of Happenings

For many years there were only two dates that made a mark in my memory book.  The first being my sisters wedding anniversary at the near end of June that had begun in the early 1950’s.   I always made it a point to remember to send a card and once even writing a poem one year recalling their early days of courtship.  It is now almost 60 long years and I am amazed that they have manged to stay together.  One of my reasons I guess is that I pulled the plug over thirty-five years ago on the seventeenth of the month and I never once  looked back.

Then on the third Sunday of June we always celebrate Fathers Day and for so many years when my Daddy was alive,  I would buy him his favorite cigars.   Just thinking about it now brings tears as my Daddy meant the world to me as a friend-a philosopher-a loving Dad  that had a huge loving heart.

Now to add to the dates of  importance would be the eighteenth of June.   That date belongs to my grandson who today is 12 and almost as tall as his Nana.  Then comes my adorable seven-year old great-grandson A.J. on the thirteenth.  The latest  would be the latest happy occasion on the fifth of June marking the wedding  of my grand-daughter.

This sure gives me lots of dates and Hallmark moments to fill me with all kinds of emotional feelings. With some of them bringing me smiles and others putting a lump in my throat that  I want to cry yet I try to stifle it until I realize hey “there in no shame in shedding tears, in fact I recall reading that crying can be cathartic, so why not?’  It could be like a shower after a heat wave and ironically we are experiencing a heat wave this week.

So let the rain come down and then have the sun dry it all up again.

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