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Apr '08

The Mess is (Almost) Over

Almost four weeks to the date and I am back in my room- in my favorite corner- typing away.  The carpet man replaced the padding and shampooed it.  He made it look and smell brand new.  Now, I am trying to find all the stuff I kept nearby.  I had put it away for safe keeping.  My senior brain is sorting away bits and pieces,  waiting for a clue to remind me,  where I might have stored these things.  I know it will come to me in my sleep and surely wake me up.  It often happens when I am trying so hard to remember.  Guess my brain needs the workout to keep it functioning.

It will probably be another month before they finish my kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanity but now that I am snug in my chair in my clean room, I somehow have all the patience in the world and the mess is almost all gone. 

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