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Oct '12

The Memorable 70’s

I have spent my Saturday catching up straightening closets and sorting what I need and don’t need and haven’t used in ages.  As I do this I have the 70’s music on the Bright House network and it seems my life was pretty cool back in those days.   In the earlier part of the seventies I had just started working full-time and had become a single parent of three awesome children (all boys) and although it was hectic I was able to manage it all with minimum stress.  (I believe my age had a lot to do with it).  So many wonderful songs were playing then and it seemed that some told of a love story that had not survived and some that did with words so poignant and memorable that hearing it play on the radio still brings memories to the surface.

“The Way We Were” sung by Barbra Streisand who by the way is now back on the concert stage has prompted some serious flashbacks of wonderful moments along with her rendition of  “Memories” that always manages to bring a tear or two along with the memories of some awesome people who were in my life, once upon a time.  There are many more songs to trigger those memories and lots of good beats to dance to.  Personally I think “the seventies was the great decade of music with many genre’s for all.”

So much for closets and stuff, I had a great afternoon just reliving forty years of my incredible life.

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