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Dec '09

The “Me” Generation

This year has been a somersault of ups and downs and fortunately mostly upper occasions to celebrate and be joyful. I just love to be  silly and optimistic and giggle and just laugh like I don’t have a care in the world.  But on the other hand I am sensitive to criticism from a family member and I do bruise and I do hurt especially at this time of the year with my birthday and the holidays just a few weeks apart.  As my mailbox fills with cards of good wishes I tend to think where are my grand children’s cards?

It seems they only remember their big day and what is happening to them, when for years you have sacrificed to buy and give them a gift for a birthday, graduation, Christmas, etc. etc and never a thank you card.  You think well maybe when they get older they will remember, but it hasn’t happened and I firmly believe it will not happen any time soon.  It is selfish and I find it is becoming the “me” generation and it is frightening to see how it will affect their relationship with others in the future.

I am curious as to how many of you feel left out of their lives and forgotten?  Is it only me that it is feeling sad?  Am I feeling this way because I am moving up in years and longing for some loving attention from my family?

Would love to hear from you?

1 comment to “The “Me” Generation”

  1. Walk Says:

    I read this yesterday and thought I’d come up with some reasoning behind the “Me” generation, but I haven’t. I guess we do as we’re taught, or maybe we’re taught but to lazy to do.

    Let me thank you that you keep in touch through our blogs, and thank you for inspiring me to do something physically (in other words to get off my @%%).